Working from home because of quarantine

Workin g from home because of quarantine

By Ariana Cázares Romero

As we all know, because of Covid-19 classes are cancelled, we shouldn’t be out, so we have to work from home to take care of ourselves. This can be complicated because we are used to have our teachers helping us in class but we must make an effort to organize our activities at home.

A part of organizing our activities, you could make some exercise maybe watching some videos from youtube and following the instructions, this can help us stay healthy and in good shape. We must keep our body and mind busy so we can stay calm and don’t begin thinking all the time about bad news and all we hear on tv.

Also there is something you have to consider. At this moment we will be living with our family members fulltime, so we have to be nice with all of them, this is very important. You can do a lot of fun things with them like cooking, dancing, watching a movie or playing some board game, the idea is to be calm and happy. This is a difficult moment so please take care of yourself and others, and remember you must wash your hands!






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